About Us


The Village Coffee Hub is a neighbourhood coffee shop in Fletcher. We are minutes away from Maryland and Newcastle.

We serve locally sourced and responsibly grown coffee in many ways, shapes, and sizes. We are best known for our great coffee, great food, great service.

We are a family owned coffee shop and we serve lovely coffee and tea pairings, from breakfast, salads, sandwiches, burgers and freshly baked croissants. You can come enjoy your drink and food from morning to evening. We also even have vegetarian and gluten-free options.

And since because we are your neighbourhood coffee shop just around the corner, our doors are welcome to your children. The little ones can enjoy kid-friendly favourites such as fish and chips and pancakes with syrup, to name a few. And whilst you are sipping your strong coffee, your little darling can sip on his or her own milkshake right with you, too.

All our drinks are made-to-order and we can adjust it according to your unique preference, so do not be shy to tell us what your specific requirements are.

See you at the Village Coffee Hub!